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23 November 2009 @ 08:39 am
A group known as Amaterasu Translations that translates visual novels (basically novles for the PC where you can choose what happens, ala a CYOA book) is considering to translate the Kimi ga Nozomu Eien game if it wins in their new translation poll. The poll will start on November 23rd at 6:00 PM US Pacific Time and last for 24 hours.

You can find the link to the poll here:


(Note: You must register to their free forum to vote, but it's worth it. It will allow KimiNozo to be in English.)

In the game, you can choose what happens in the story. Didn't like how the anime turned out? Play the game and choose what happens. You can make Takayuki stay faithful with Haruka, stick to Mitsuki, or even date the annoying waitress Ayu. Almost every girl in the anime (and one extra girl that is game-only) has a "route" with multiple endings. Whereas the game only followed one route, the game has dozens of ways that it could turn out. (It should also be noted that the anime takes one of the worst routes of the game - the game is much, much deeper and has more fleshed out characters) Along with the eight different girls with routes, there are dozens of endings (including a harem ending with Haruka, Mitsuki, and Akane =P), "afterstories" for some of the characters (the ~NextSeason~ anime was an adaption of Haruka's after story), a special side game where the accident didn't happen, and many other options. You haven't experienced KimiNozo until you have played the game.

Please vote for KimiNozo tonight and tell any other fans about this poll.
18 May 2009 @ 08:03 pm
[1] 90210, [2] Alexis Bledel, [2] Ali Larter, [4] Bethany Joy Galeotti, [4] Brothers & Sisters, [6] Charmed, [5] Da Capo, [1] Dakota Fanning, [1] Doll House. [1] Emilie De Ravin, [1] Evangeline Lilly, [1] Ellen Page, [1] Emily VanCamp, [15] Gossip Girl, [11] Gilmore Girls, [3] Hilarie Burton, [8] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, [1] Holly Marie Combs, [1] Kristen Bell, [6] Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, [5] Lovely Complex, [8] Leighton Meester, [6] Lost, [7] One Tree Hill, [7] Prison Break, [4] Private Practice, [1] Rose McGowan, [6] Special A, [7] Sophia Bush, [1] Scarlett Johansson, [1] Sarah Wayne Callies, [1] True Blood, [1] Veronica Mars
18 March 2009 @ 06:43 pm
where can i watch all 4 ovas online or purchase the boxset if there is one?
i havent found them anywhere dubbed so im guessing theres only subbed for now.

i already watched the first season i got the boxset not to long ago and watched it again.
29 April 2008 @ 07:20 pm
I have made 35 icons from the anime series.
Please take a look at them and tell me what you think!!
Comments are always appreciated!


(Let's cast a spell)
24 March 2008 @ 11:31 pm
New info on the ~Latest Edition~ version of the PC game:
release date is 3/28
Warning, NSFW!!

as before, it comes with all the enhancements from MuvLuv Alternative, plus widescreen and full Vista support, not to mention all of the Special FanDisk routes, new scenes from the OVA and even more bonus scenes and CGs. Whats the bad news? So far, only Himeya is listing it, and they want $105 USD ;(
A little good news - here's the new OP:
the song is 'Sweet Passion' by, of course, Minami Kuribayashi.

Speaking of Muv-Luv Alternative, it turns out that a heroic 4chan regular is currently translating the game! They've posted several screenshots and appear to have translated a significant amount of the game so far. Hopefully we'll see it some time soon, although as a warning to you all, they also suggested that in order to get it, you would have to show proof of ownership similar to the infamous 'support disk breaking' <0.o>;;;
18 March 2008 @ 12:50 am
Finally shipping, with a release date of 3/25/08 and same pricing as before. Its only a month late, but not bad. And for everybody that wanted more drama, look who's all over the cover this time. :)

23 December 2007 @ 04:16 pm
At a risk of spamming this group with all of my posts, I'd like to see what anyone thought of the first episode now that the subs are available - I hope everyone ordered the DVD or is waiting for the game release. ;) To save people from spoilers, add your reactions to the comments (as I will). Also, here are some anime blog commentaries on the episode with screencaps (also, spoilers):
18 December 2007 @ 12:50 pm
Thanks to those translators at wikipedia, we have more info on Haruka's route:
The OVA will be 3 episodes in length and the release dates for vol. 2 & 3 are 2/26/08 and 4/26/08, respectively.

Additionally, there will be a new release of the game, optimized for Vista. This version will use the latest version of rUGP, so the game will be upgraded with all of the animations, lip-syncing & special effects used Muv Luv Alternative. This version will also include widescreen support (yes!), new CGs, an expanded first chapter, Haruka's ending from the Special Fan Disk and new material & scenarios from the OVA. Oh, and it also includes OVA ep 1, if that sweetens the deal. Unfortunately no release date yet.
Its a pretty good deal for anyone that doesn't already have the DVD spec edition, SFD & OVA vol 1...well, thats probably everyone, actually. I wonder if there's any way to set up a 'group buy' for it once a release is announced?
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The KimiNozo main page is in full preview mode for the new OVA and have even posted up a short preview video:

Also a reminder, the release date is in one week and CD Japan is still taking preorders for the (extremely expensive) DVDs. ;)

If you're having trouble getting the stream to work (like me), someone was kind enough to upload the pv to YouTube here:
I'm pumped for it, personally. Though, not to spoil it for anyone, I will say this - you can tell that the animation is done by a different studio.
31 October 2007 @ 04:27 pm
Now through Nov. 4th, you can take 40% off of FUNimation DVDs at RightStuf, including the Rumbling Hearts box. This makes it ~$27 (+s/h) for the whole series! If you haven't picked it up yet, here's your excuse!